The key holder for efficient working on pipe organs

The device is set up:

for the keyboards:
- normally on the existing organ-bank
- or on the included T - supports

for the pedal:
- on the included short T - supports

The TS1 never needs mechanical changes by user and copes easily with each keyboard. All setups have to be programmed with the radio-remote control.

For the operation of the various manuals, the arm can be made longer or shorter.
In addition, the organ bank can be pushed closer to the manuals.

The range of tones and the position of the first and the last tone of a manual or pedal is set by radio remote control.

The TS1 plans the positions of the keys independently.

The TS1 is turned 180 degrees for the application with the pedal (downward). The short lever is strong enough to press down even heavy pedals.